Tuesday afternoon was just like any other day for Dougie Sand from Forres until he decided to have beans on toast for dinner. “I had just put doon my White Lightning bottle when the toaster popped and i got a huge surprise” said Dougie. There staring out from the toast was the face of Alex Ferguson !! former Aberdeen and Man United manager. “I couldna believe it , was this a sign or an omen ” said Dougie. ” i huuriedly woke up 2 of ma mates on the sofa and showed it to them, they couldn really see it they said” ” Just jealousy i reckoned cause of my luck , i phoned my brother to come roond to see it and tak a foto with his phone” explained Mr Sand. “Unfortunately one of my pals had spread marmite on the craggy face of Alex and noo it looked mare like ET fae that film that i canna mind the name of ” said Dougie . ” Anyways never liked that film so i fed it to the dog before my brother got here and havent got any proof” he told us over the phone. We declined to any further interviews and assured Dougie we would run the story. So here’s a photo of someone else’s toast with a face..

Canna really see it masel