An eagle eyed Neep reader has sent us in this photo of the drained pond in Elgin’s Cooper Park .What appears to be a crate or coffin and two stone looking objects have risen above the mud.  Our Neep Source assured us he passes this spot on his way to work everyday and these were not there the day before. He reckons the vibrations from the nearby floodworks have moved these items up through the mud somehow.

.Strange things have surfaced in the recently drained pond.

He pointed out the crate and stones to the cooncil workers nearby,  a cooncil truck and 6 guys arrived soon after and the crate/coffin and stones were pulled out and hurried away.  ‘ From what i could see the stones were like broken headstones or celtic  kinda stones , they looked really old. And the crate looked even more like a coffin to me, ‘ said our source ‘I asked where they were taking it and one replied probably to the artifact store at Moray Cooncil HQ.  Probably get someone fae the museum to have a look see if they are worth anything ‘..

We contacted the Cooncil and they denied knowing anything about this or that they have an artifact store.

Did you see the objects? Would you use the pond mud as a beauty treatment for your complexion as suggested by the Cooncil recently as a way to pay for the pond cleaning. let us know.. very Intriguing…

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