A proposed monorail for Elgin is finally starting to look like its going to get the go ahead. A spokesperson said “Its 2014 and Elgin doesnt even have a monorail !! ”
” If we had a monorail we could really compete with premiere towns like Nairn and Inverurie. ”

We have discovered all the info so far.

To Argos and beyond

Plans have been submitted… (on back of a napkin more detailed plans to be submitted soon.)
Cooncil supposedly thinking if they close some schools this could free up money for 2 further monorail circuits from council workers homes to council offices.

The proposed mono rail will have up to 20 different mono’s. They have already have a great name for one  the “Buckfast Express”.

If proposed route goes over your house be aware the mono is silent almost. And you get a free £5 voucher for farmfoods.

Proposed routes of monorail

According to the guys at Morrisons today, seems the monorail has been left out the floodworks planning strategy!!!

Elgin Cathedral is a ruin taking up valuable space so its good it will come in handy.

Due to Council and Govt cutbacks and some minor mistakes in the planning office some parts of the proposed monorail will be less than 3mtrs from some homes roofs. As the rail is constantly magnetized metal or electronic objects can not be placed upstairs in homes. Also when the trains pass this may cause interference to tv’s, radios and some microwave ovens. This interference will not last any more than 5 minutes. The good news is if the rail isn’t above your house you wont have these problems .

Wikileaks have just posted this video found in Govt files.

Has anyone got any ideas for names for the the other Monorails?