A Moray farmer and his two loons have came up with what they hope will be a new fitness craze in the region. ‘FITLOG’ As this is basically just an advert for ‘FITLOG’ we will let the entrepreneur behind it all  Mr Jake Bugur explain the ins n outs.

Farmer Jake Bugur from ChancherBugger Farm explains , “Basically its £10 quid a session, and we will have you sawing trees n pullin them back tae the Ferm and choppin thum up n stacking um, Neatly mind nae hap hazard .If you do a this as quick as you like, ye’ll get fit in nae time cain. ” “My loons will be there tae train ye mak sure yer nae arsing aboot and that theres nae slackin. “They’re fit as f*ck and a they dae is haul trees cain, so this will work for you nae doot aboot it. I reckon £10 will get ye at least twa oors workoot.”

“Also available will be relax balls, stump yoga and sawdust shovelling. The ba’s and sawdust are extra but the yoga is free to a thet’ve paid n done a couple oors workoot”.

So does this sound like the workout for you? Get down to Chancherbugger Farm just off the A96 up a dirt road somewhere between Alves n Forres.

“We will nail a deid fox tae the tree at the end o the road ye should turn up,” explains Jake “And the classes only run til a the trees are chopped n stacked so hurry places are fillin up ma loon says, he’s dealin wi it nae me.”

“Contact 0789878786786776666876 or pin a message wi yer email to any pigs arse in the closest field, we will get them in the morning. And dinna mention woodpeckers , I said Beavers widd of been better but na na my loons say woodpeckers cut doon trees nae beavers, nothin tae do wi me like I said.”

Wow sounds so good the Neep Editor might give it a try 😉