We sent our newest roving reporter Carrie Oakey out onto the streets of Morayshire to find out what folks New Year Resolutions were.. We then fed these results into our Mega Computer at Neep Towers which took 3 days to compile the following shocking results.

From a reported 30342.5 persons asked here are the astounding results.

10 . To eat mare green stuff . ( Vegetables ,jelly ,grass who knows? )

9 . To smoke a better more expensive brand o fags.

8. To Stop flicking toenail clippings at ,spouse,children,pets. 3% of folk said this ???

7. To get Fit …. they needed online instead o oot the shops.

6. Going to Walk the Dog more and not just to meet folk in carparks.

5. Try and Stop making vague 2 word facebook status’s ie ( Sad Today 🙁 ) to get attention.

4. Go on online courses to Learn how to do stuff they cant do, (when pressed common answers were read, blow smoke rings, get free texts, teach a monkey to cook and speak foreign.)

3. Get a better phone , maybe with a better screen so they can watch funny videos and see cute cat pictures clearer.

2. Travel more …. by bus or get lifts fae folk they know maybe, sometimes bike but nae if its raining.

So what was the top answer with almost 35% of the answers !!!!!!!!!

1. Drink Less…..than they do, or used to, or did, or will, or they need to, or more than they can, but not  more than they should ..maybe..

So there we have it Moray folk are going to do lots to try and improve their and others lives in the coming year lets hope they stick to their resolutions in the coming year.

Will Moray Neeps across the shire stick to their Resolutions?