The UK formally leaves the European Union (EU) at 23:00 on Friday, 31 January. But it will immediately enter an 11-month transition period.During the transition the UK will continue to obey EU rules and pay money to the EU. -source BBC

49.9% of Moray folk winted tae leave. 50.1% winted tae bide so Neep Hq has commissioned a Commemorative plate to 49.9% celebrate and 50.1% commiserate the fecking carry on that is Brexit.

A unique brexit-inspired wall plate, handcrafted in broken porcelain just like the UK.
  • Exclusively available from Neep Mobile Porcelain vans ,catch one in your area! – you won’t find this edition anywhere else!
  • Fired multiple times onto our Brexit Porcelain plate, the images take on a sparkle and presence of their own, See Duggies smug face in all its sparkling smug glory.
  • Broken by hoof by local Highland coos for xtra fanciness
  • Arrives in a deluxe bubble wrapped adidas shoebox

Measures 11.81 inches (30 cm in Eu money ) in diameter

Express shipping available! EU waters only.

 Available in 100 instalments of £29,000,000 or in one £29.6 billion (€35.0 billion) payment.

 Comes with our famous 1-day guarantee

Currently sold Out !!!