Its the 29th of February and all those quines desperate tae get merried can propose tae their partners. That is if yer still living in the 1950’s. Noo adays ye can ask anyone at anytime nae matter whit gender ye are. (No im nae gettin intae the gender carry on). Obviously if ye were born on the 29th yer supposed to be unlucky in love and therefore winna have anyone tae ask. So just ask the dog then celebrate wi a steak for him and a bottle of Prosecco for yersel.

Fermers in scotland have a saying “Leap year was never a good sheep year!”

But im sure Fermers have a saying like this for every bloody day. 2nd of March? Fermers saying ” When its twa in March it’ll be twa bad years of harvest ” and so on. Pessimistic buggers min.

Another supposed Leap Year day thingy is if ye were proposed to and said “nae chance” the loon had to give the quine a silk gown and a kiss. Bit different in Moray, we just unfollow the persons instagram and report them to the polis for stalking.

As its a Super leap year i canna wait for tomorrow the 30th of February when Men are allowed to officially and legally end any relationship with a text message.