With over 49k thousand votes round 1 of the INTERTOONTINENTAL CUP got off to a flying start. Not only was there mare voting than in the Moray general election but mare fun and banter too, and nae Duggie Ross spoilin athin.

Big toons Keith,Forres Elgin, and New Elgin all failed to live up to their population advantages. As usual the coastal toons are all doing well. With the news the Court of Toon Judging Arbitration have dismissed the charges brought against cheatin buggers Lossie they must again be favourites for the Cup ! But its ah up tae the voters, maybe just maybe Elginites and Forressians will vote against the big toons left in. Or smaller up and coming Toons like Hopeman,Portknockie will sway the votes with promises of sun kissed beaches and longer opening hours of chippys in summer.

See below for results and click here for second round draw

See facebook for voting in round 2.