The VAR system seeks to provide a way for “clear and obvious errors” and “serious missed incidents” to be corrected.

Last years controversy over the photoshopped Jennifer Aniston in Lhanbrydes butchers, which generated 200 votes for the Toon. Also the furore over Elgins volcano tours of Ladyhill ( turned out it isnt a volcano). Has meant VAR will be brought in to fact check all and any claims of fanciness ,tidy bins, real shops in the high streets. VAR will also review the big vote pullers like chippy opening times and availability.

The VAR referee can caution or expel cheatin toons, or if unsure which Toon should be sanctioned, the VAR will inform the Neep by whatsapp so that the correct Toon can be disciplined.

VAR refs check to see if its really Keanu Reeves buying a coffee in Elgins Asda cafe.

So is Lossie bridge Hazardous to life and limb? Does Buckie smell of fish or lavender? Is Fochabers one big antique shoppin mall withoot a roof ? VAR will find oot.