Are ye a neep or no? Dont use Google unless ye want tae cheat of course like a right neep.


Aye weel done yer a true Neep. Mind n stay safe. Why nae share your success to the world.
Aww unlucky almost a true neep. Stay safe oot there. Why nae share and find if anyone can beat ye.

#1. What is the name of the church in Fochabers that the Museum is in?

#2. Ladyhill has the Elgin Castle Ruins , but what year was the castle first mentioned in charters ?

#3. The 2011 census says Keith has a population of how much?

#4. The new P-8 Poseidon planes arriving in Moray are built by?

#5. The dolphins in the Moray Firth are what type?

#6. Bow Fiddle Rock is a natural sea arch near Portknockie,when was the rock formed?

#7. How many car parking spaces are there in Giles Centre multi storey car park?

#8. Kevin McKidd is a famous Elgin loon, whit was his characters name in Trainspotting?

#9. Choose the image that shows somewhere in Dufftown.

#10. In what year was popular fizzy drink Moray Cup sadly discontinued?

#11. What is the height difference between Ben Rinnes Walk in Elgin and the summit of Ben Rinnes mountain?

#12. What is the most popular Neep themed Facebook page in the world?

#13. Lossiemouth has a Marina at its harbour, how many berths does it have?

#14. What year did The Findhorn Foundation become a Scottish charitable trust ?

#15. According to google how far away is Forres from Elgin by road?

#16. If you had Cullen Skink for denner whit would you be eating?

#17. Three craws sat upon a wa’, what could the third craw not do?