Travelling through Elgin on my daily travels between jobs i have often came across those wonderful artistic statements that are painted bedsheets. Mostly displaying a persons coming of age, ie HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITNEY 46 , or JORDAN 20 SOMETHING THE DAY. some have used paint,lipstick or even pretended its a dirty protest by using chocolate. Now i hear these fluttering beddings of proclamation are to be put into museums and art galleries to protect our artistic heritage.

After the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)  visited recently they decided that this unusual happy protest unique to Moray will be added to our national artistic heritage. “These dirty sheets represent a masterpiece of human creative genius and cultural significance” exclaimed a nearby worthy as i looked upon a recently hung sheet on Elgins bypass bridge. I agreed with him and told him again i had no change or spare vodka in my bags and made a hasty exit.

Happy Birthday Nugz

So are these torn faded signs of someones oldness part of our heritage? Or has the artists broadband broken down so they cant send the happy birthday message by facebook,twitter or email ?. Perhaps a restraining order means they have to resort to this type of communication. Whatever the thought process behind these cloth covered greetings of badly spelled lingo they are part of the nation’s historical, cultural and artistic heritage which is of enormous value to us.

Just whoever puts these things up can ye go take them doon again the next day and get rid in the bin , save them ending up in the stomachs of Dolphins.