After todays surprise announcement from the Prime Minister, that there is no border between Scotland and England all Border Collies are to be reclassified as Collies or Naeborder Collies.

Here’s the guy that’s supposed tae be running the countries quote fae today,
” To the honourable gentleperson asking this awful question i say this ,no border exists between workshy Scotlandshire and the United Kingdom of England so calling a dog a border collie is nonsense and bumwittery of┬áthe highest order bumble bumble giff guff bumble mumble heehaw flippleplop and that’s all ive got to say on the matter”. ” As for Border terriers they are fine after all they are so called for the Hunt on the borders of Northumberland, tally ho chaps lets have what for eh , bummble fumble mumble blipwhittery fatmimble., next question.”
The kennel club is sending out the reclassification tomorrow and all owners of ‘ Old Border Collies ‘ will have to change their doggy birth certificate things.