With the relaxation on rules about travelling more than 5 miles ,thousands of Moravians will be travelling at least 6 miles tomorrow. But far tae go for a road trip? Well why not stay local and try 3 of Morays top tourist destinations for yersel.

No3. The mattress mountain in the layby just oot the Pitgaveny road. Get that perfect Instagram selfie beside the rotten piles of broon, bloody stained mattressi littering the countryside none larger or more pungent than the Pitgaveny Mattresshorn.

No.2 Battle the elements ( supposed to be raining again ) to feed the duck at Elgin pond. Use all your dexterity, cunning and power to throw the bread through a cloud of seagulls 3 thousand strong to reach Fred the Elgin duck.

No.1 For those of a more adventurous type why not try the Orc woods of Roseisle where an orc trail takes you deep into the forest to join a team of orcs perfectly acted by local crazy buggers. Edgier than a fairy wood this trail will take you to orc picnic sites complete with deboned hobbits and half naked wizards strewn from branches high in the trees. Join a band of orcs as they rampage through a recently built replica hobbit village, £25 a head ,and pillage and burn ( no actual pillaging at the moment due to covid regulations ) to your hearts content, fire torches £5 axes £10. Meats back on the menu as you learn how to cook legs of all sizes. At the end receive a certificate of becoming an officer in Army of Saruman and a tattoo of a white hand on your forehead.